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Pipe Insulation Supports

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Wood Blocks

  • The low cost provides economical support for the piping.
  • Available in a choice of standard wood stock or hard wood allows for various engineering specifications.
  • The Wood Blocks are pre-bagged with labels stating the sizes in each bag. They are easy to carry and identify on the jobsite.

Buckaroo Pipe Insulation Supports

  • Installation is quick, easy, and low-cost. Just cut your hole and insert the Buckaroos Support. The support can be installed after the pipe insulation is applied, versus cutting out for blocks or dowels before installation of the pipe insulation.
  • Buckaroos Supports are excellent for chilled water piping.
  • Buckaroos Supports fit especially well with vapor barrier systems because the PVC disc is also a vapor barrier. When used with ASJ tape discs, Buckaroos Supports re-establish the vapor barrier.
  • Buckaroos Supports are easy to identify. The contractor and engineer can view the PVC disc from the outside of the insulation and verify that there is a support in place.

Fiber Glass Blocks

  • Perfect insulation support for mechanical piping systems.
  • Made of 20 PCF molded fiber glass offer greater thermal conductivity and high service temperature range.
  • Service temperature of up to 450°.

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