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Sliding Saddle Systems

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Buckaroos Sliding Pipe Insulation Saddles

  • The engineer’s solution to hanger support on moving pipes.
  • Top saddle moves with the pipe during pipe movement at startup or beyond.
  • Fast and easy to install.
  • Very low material cost versus roller hangers.
  • Made from heavy gauge carbon steel (18, 16, 14 and 12 gauge).
  • Protects people and objects below from Saddles falling to the ground.
  • Tru-Balance Sliding Saddle

    Tru-Balance CoolDry Sliding Saddle

    • Features a sliding saddle system with the top saddle moving with the pipe.
    • Unique PTFE inner layer allows for controlled movement of the top Saddle.  
    • Zero Perm rated vapor barrier jacketing making it ideal for moving pipe.
    • Cost much less than insulated supports with traditional roller hangers.
    • Rigid phenolic foam insulation that meets 25/50 Flame Smoke ratings.
    • Premium Self-Seal tape on the insulation jacketing for a secure closure system.
    • Tru-Balance Quick-Inspect Sticker for fast inspection.
    • Alleviates the safety concern of Saddles falling on people and objects below.

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